me rowing a double


I enjoy building stuff, entrepreneurship, innovative and sustainable design and architecture, open source architecture, rowing, cycling, self improvement, personal finance, reading, music, cyberculture, programming, tweaking, optimizing, and just about everything that involves computers.

All four years of my undergraduate experience were heavily occupied with crew, friends, the occasional Alabama football game... the engineering curriculum was pretty demanding too.

I enjoy solving problems, especially challenging problems, especially ones that require optimization of various metrics. These challenges present themselves through many forms in our lives. For me, it might be figuring out the training and race strategy for a 2k sprint race, determining if I should buy or rent, or designing, constructing, and testing a system (like the Dining Philosopher's Problem in any programming language, a MPPT PV system, a special purpose mediawiki server, a simple computer and vga controller inside an FPGA, a motion detection and object tracking program, or an 8-bit Serial-in Parallel-out Shift Register using Hybrid Latch Flip-Flops in VLSI) for my engineering classes. If a challenge seems to be over my head, I perform the necessary research to learn and become familiar with the various technologies and theories in the problem domain. I then apply my own analysis to the problem to work out a nice solution.


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