Preferences: If you go for the personality type thing, I am closest to INTJ.

I enjoy solving problems, especially challenging problems, especially ones that require optimization of various metrics. These challenges present themselves through many forms in our lives. If a challenge seems to be over my head, I perform the necessary research to learn and become familiar with the various technologies and theories in the problem domain. I then apply my own analysis to the problem to work out a nice solution.


Trustonic, San Francisco, CA

2013 - present

Senior Software Engineer

  • Senior Software Engineer: Ported L4 microkernel Secure OS (t-base) to multiple silicon partners’ High Security SoCs
  • • Developed a secure driver notification mechanism to deliver power management events
  • • First US engineer. Provided high priority support/solutions to partners in North America
  • • Debugged/Identified (at least) cryptographic, page table, and PM bugs

Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX

2011 - 2013

Software Design Engineer

  • Kernel Developer: Debugged/Integrated/Maintained a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) for High Security OMAP devices enabled with MShield technology for newest Android HLOS and kernel
  • • Part of small cross-company team that integrated/developed Google Widevine DRM leveraging OMAP MShield features into Android ICS
  • • Designed/Developed a novel solution for a 78% speedup of each enter+exit secure playback duration in collaboration with remoteproc SW engineer
  • • Maintained Widevine DRM secure service and Common Secure Driver git project
  • • Enabled Android userdata encryption on all OMAP silicon
  • • Debugged/Identified kernel and ROM bugs, related to MPUSS and power management

GE Intelligent Platforms Embedded Systems, Huntsville, AL

Summer 2008, Spring 2009, Summer 2009


  • Software Engineer: Gained experience as a Driver Developer programming and debugging Windows, Linux, and Solaris drivers for VME Single Board Computer products
  • • Implemented atomic behavior of NVRAM R/W operations in SMBus driver across all OSs
  • • Added Quad-core CPU temperature sensor support into drivers
  • • Created Windows XP Embedded driver release packages from released SBC drivers
  • • Reduced SBC operating environment setup time from 1 hour to 12 minutes (avg. case) for Unit and System Test processes by developing an in-house cloning and deployment tool

Southern Network Services, Birmingham, AL

Summer 2006

Field Services Engineer

  • • Assessed and resolved customer IT related tasks and problems through troubleshooting and knowledge


The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

December 2010

Bachelor of Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering with Honors

  • GPA: 3.67/4.0, Cum Laude
  • • Awarded full University scholarships: Presidential, Maness Engineering, and Alumni
  • Minors: Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Societies and Associations: Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society, Eta Kappa Nu Electrical and Computer Engineering Honor Society, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Coursework: Embedded Systems • Computer Architecture • Operating Systems • Computer Vision and Digital Image Processing • Digital Systems Design • VLSI • Microcomputers • Signals and Systems • Electronics • Data Structures • Software Engineering • Theory of Probability • Discrete Mathematics • Applied Matrix Theory • Japanese • Mentoring Entrepreneurs

Birmingham Southern College, Birmingham, AL

Summer 2005

Summer Scholar

  • • Full tuition scholarship for two summer classes. Received an 'A' in both "International Relations" and "Introduction to Computing"



• C • C++ • Assembly (ARM, Thumb-2) • ARM TrustZone • Matlab • Bash shell scripting • GNU/Linux • Windows Driver Kit (WDK) • Windows Embedded Standard • HTML • CSS


• Processors (ARM Cortex-A9, Cortex-A15) • Microcontrollers (Ti C2000, ARM Cortex-M3, Freescale HCS12, Atmel AVR) • VHDL • VLSI • Embedded Systems • Digital Electronics • FPGAs


• Git • Lauterbach Trace32 JTAG debugger • WinDBG kernel debugger • MediaWiki • Subversion • Quartus II • Electric VLSI Design System • UML


The University of Alabama Men's Crew Club

2006 - 2010

Novice Coach, President (2010), Vice-President (2008), Boathouse Captain (2007)

  • • Fully committed at average of 25 hours per week for eight semesters
  • Financial Success: Increased income of bi-annual fund-raising campaign (Rent-A-Rower) to a record $3968, up 69% from previous vice-president's efforts
  • Peer Leadership: Helped cultivate an environment which impassioned 50 new members per year

Matthews Elementary School, Tuscaloosa, AL

Fall 2010

Honors College Volunteer Mentor

  • • Provided academic help, encouraged healthy self-esteem development, and promoted positive peer relationships for 4th grade students in after-school program organized by Tuscaloosa's One Place


cycling • rowing • renewable energy • tweaking/optimizing/speeding up PC hardware and operating systems • modifying Nissan 300zx • home and car audio • entrepreneurship • self improvement • personal finance • reducing energy usage in homes • innovative and sustainable design and architecture